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Carl's auto body and paint services will always contact you immediately if we notice additional damage to your vehicle while making repairs. If you have an insurance claim, our adjusters will contact your insurance directly to verify that every repair is covered. Unfortunately, just looking at a vehicle doesn’t always show everything that needs to be repaired. That's why, when you choose Carl's, we'll communicate with you every step of the way.

Vehicle Restoration

Bring your classic car in for a free estimate and let us bring your beloved vehicle back to life.

Color Match

Are parts of your vehicle fading? We have a state of the art color matching system. Let us restore your vehicle’s color back to its original color.

Body Repair

In need of body repair on your vehicle? Our experienced body technicians will treat your vehicle as their own while making repairs.

Body repair- What to expect…

When you bring your vehicle in to have it repaired know that it's in our experienced technicians capable hands. When your vehicle is in our shop we will prep it for work by covering exposed areas that do not need work. This will keep your vehicle clean and free of debris. Next, we will remove broken parts and/or sand your vehicle down where the repair is being done. We will then repair your vehicle . Once your vehicle is repaired and repainted, we reassemble your vehicle and put on the finishing touches at our detail shop!

We do Frame Repair!

Carl's Body Shop has state of the art frame equipment to straighten out your vehicle. We know the ins and outs of making your vehicle look great and run safely. Our frame technicians have been trained extensively to ensure that your vehicle will be safe and repaired correctly.

What to expect with Carl's Paint department

Our extensive knowledge of paint products means you can rest assured your vehicle is receiving the best quality paint in the industry. Our accurate color matching system and our certified employees will make your vehicle's paint look like new. If you are in need of a custom paint job, then you've come to the right shop! Stop by to discuss your needs. We will find that perfect color for you!


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My goal as president of Carl's Body Shop is to give you the best quality service and repair possible.

Matt Miller


Yes, we offer a Lifetime warranty on paint and body repair, however this does exclude rust repair.
With the weather's elements out there such as sun, rain, salt etc. It is always good to keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight as much as possible. With winter and the corrosive chemicals they use on our roadways it is important to rinse down your vehicle as much as possible during the winter months as well. One option we recommend is to have your vehicle detailed at least once or twice a year. Having your vehicle maintained with a good protection of high quality wax will help keep your vehicle protected from the elements of nature.
We will always contact you immediately if we see additional damage to your vehicle once we have torn down your vehicle for repair. If you have an insurance claim, our adjusters will contact your insurance directly and make sure the repair is covered before we continue with the additional repairs. Unfortunately, just looking at vehicle doesn't always show everything that needs to be repaired.

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