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We have an onsite rental car company in our parking lot to accommodate your rental needs. If you are going through an insurance claim to fix your vehicle. Let us know and we will set up a rental for your convenience so that when you drop off your vehicle to be repaired a rental will be waiting for you.
We schedule vehicles for repair primarily on Mondays; however we can accommodate most any schedule you may have.
Yes. We are a full service body shop center. We have onsite a full service mechanical garage with three certified ASE mechanics on staff to service your vehicles mechanical needs.
Yes. We have 24 hour towing available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Just give our office (937-253-5166) a call to set up your tow and we will have your vehicle towed in right away!

Our advice to you is to either hold on to the insurance check until the repairs are complete, or you can have us hold onto the check until your vehicle is complete. Then you can endorse the check over to us when you are picking up your completed vehicle. If you choose, you may deposit the check into your own account and pay us by cash, a certified bank check or with a credit card. You may also write a personal check up to $500.00.

If there is a finance company on the check along with yourself, please contact your finance company prior to picking up your vehicle so that they have time to endorse the back of the check as well.
Yes. We have state of the art paint matching systems. Due to sun damage to your vehicles paint, in most cases "blending" of adjacent panels is necessary to achieve proper color.
Yes. A body shop safe, silicon-free wax is applied to the completed auto. We do advise that if you happen to get friendly droppings from above, definitely wash as soon as possible to avoid the enzymes eating away at the new paint.
On average, it costs around $4000 for a smaller vehicle such as a Toyota Prius. Mid size vehicles to full size SUV vehicles can range anywhere from $5000 – $12000 just for the paint work. Any additional body work or rust repair would be additional.
Yes, if the interior of the auto was affected due to the accident claim.
We offer a Lifetime warranty on paint and body repair, however this does exclude rust repair.
It's possible. Unfortunately, in this part of the country with this climate and the fact that they use salt on the road, it is very damaging to metal. We can patch rust but we cannot guarantee that it will not come back due to the conditions of our climate and other factors. Most of the vehicles are now made with galvanized or coded metals so we are not seeing as much rust on some of the newer vehicles. It's recommended to have your vehicle cleaned and/or spray off the salt as much as possible during the winter months when a lot of the salt treatments are put on the roads. We do offer exterior details and power underwashing here at Carl's that will help prolong the life of your car.
Dependent upon how your insurance policy is written, most insurance companies are allowed to write used (LKQ) and aftermarket parts (parts that are new, but not manufactured by the vehicle's manufacturer) to repair your vehicle. Typically we handle all LKQ or aftermarket parts the same way. We order them and, as long as they are good and usable, we will accept them, if they are not we will reject them and get the insurance company back out and have the estimate re-written. You may want to speak with your insurance agent, because some companies are selling OEM parts policies (meaning only new OEM parts are used in repairs.)
Yes. Your insurance deductible is the portion of the repairs you will be responsible for paying. You will remit that payment to Carl's when you are picking your completed vehicle up.
No. You are only required to get one estimate. It's your vehicle. It's your choice.
If your insurance company tells you your vehicle is a total loss that means the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle. The insurance company will offer you a "settlement" amount less any previous damage to the vehicle. It is your responsibility to then clean out all of your personal belongings from the vehicle and authorize the body shop to release the vehicle to the insurance company. You will then have to remit the title to the insurance company to receive payment, if there is a lien on the vehicle the insurance company will first pay off the lien and get the title and then pay you, the owner, any monies after the lien is paid. (Please note each case is unique, so please contact your insurance company if you have any further questions.) Carl's however, can help in salvage title issues.
The value does not drop if you have it repaired with a certified body shop such as Carl's
In most cases, insurance companies have contracts with certain repair shops that give them discounts to bring their work to them and that is why they recommend their preferred shops to you. However, you may bring your vehicle to any shop you want. Any established body shop such as Carl's, warranty their own repairs. In most cases the body shop's warranty is equal to or better than the insurance company's "stated" warranty
Yes. Most offer full scale treatment options for this natural occurrence
Yes. Carl's specializes in this process called Paintless Dent Removal.
In the state of Ohio it is ILLEGAL for the insurance company to tell you where to take your vehicle to be repaired; it is your choice as a consumer to take your vehicle where you feel comfortable having it repaired.
We accept Personal checks up to $500, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover for payment.
The important information to ask for is as follows: Claim Number, Deductible amount, Rental car coverage, if any, and contact information.
The amount of time to repair your vehicle is dependent on how much work needs to be done to the vehicle. For a better estimate about how long your repair will take please ask one of our Carl's associates when receiving your estimate or dropping your vehicle off for repair. In some cases repair can get delayed when the shop runs into additional damage or if waiting on the insurance company. If this is the case, our associates will inform you of the additional time needed.
Yes. We will be more than happy to have other services done while your vehicle is in our shop. We offer a wide variety of services, such as oil changes, tires, detailing and much more. Of course, this portion of your repair bill will be invoiced to you, as it is not part of your insurance claim and you will be responsible for payment.
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