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"It has literally been decades since we last needed body work, which coincidentally was performed by Carl's. Indeed, we used Carl's because of its great reputation in the casualty claims area, which I have worked for as a lawyer.
Well, a couple of weeks ago we brought our Jeep Cherokee for some front end and rear quarter panel body work, anticipating that we might also buff out a few of the many scratches caused by recent extensive misuse of the Jeep as a "farm truck." Frankly, our expectations were that the work on the front and rear end damage and buffing out scratches would make the Jeep "passable," but that it would not be cost effective to do much more.
To my amazement and surprise, I found that Carl's had been transformed by you into a full service facility to handle every manner of mechanical, body and amenity enhancement, with abundant conveniences, including the ability to actually monitor the repairs on a day to day basis, and onsite Enterprise rental.
Estimate Specialist Joe Hobbins "made my day" and upon my receipt of the Jeep I was simply "dumbstruck" by the excellent restoration and enhancement which were executed well beyond my expectations. Every aspect of the body work, down to the detailing, was executed with impeccable precision.
In short, we congratulate you for transforming Carl's from a great body shop to a premier convenient comprehensive vehicle service facility, and thank you, Joe and your staff, for the extraordinary service and results."

Sam G. Caras

"The woman that hit me lied both to the police and to her insurance company so getting my car repairs paid for was a major hassle. Carl's did their best work to help me, I love them!"

Elizabeth McCullough

"All I needed was a new rim and some tires, they ordered them for me, I was off the donut on the exact day they said I would be. I could have gotten tires anywhere, but Carl's returned my car to me with the inside vacuumed, outside washed for no extra cost because, "that's what they do." They bought my lifelong business with that extra something that I didn't even ask for. Good people."

Matt Sliver