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How To Choose The Right Body Shop For Auto Repair

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If you get in a sudden car accident or your car needs an urgent repair, you may be unaware of what steps to take to find a place that will do the job right! You should be just as careful choosing auto technicians as you are about choosing doctors, in order to get quality repairs. The best shops to go to are ones that know your car inside and out. In order to get your car serviced the way it needs to be, you need to choose a body shop where the technicians have your best interests in mind. Follow these preliminary steps before bringing your car to any shop to get fixed!  

1. Know The Options Provided By Your Insurance Company

If you need to get your car fixed, it is up to you whether you want to use a body shop your insurance company recommends or one you find to be more accommodating. Your insurance company will prefer if you go to repair shops they are contracted with because they ultimately benefit from it.

Fortunately for you, insurance companies require their body shops to provide lifetime warranty, so those shops are easier to trust to handle your repairs. If you are searching for a repair shop that isn't recommended by your insurance, you should know that reputable body shops provide lifetime warranty no matter who is paying. Make sure you visit several shops and receive estimates.

2. Read Customer Reviews

In addition to consulting your friends and family, research recommendations by others who have already used the body shops you are considering. Reading other customers' experiences with a shop's staff and services will help you determine if that shop is right for you. Google +, CitySearch, Yelp, and Angie's List are useful websites to visit when you are curious to know how a shop handles business.

3. Keep The Lines of Communication Open

Once you've have received estimates and read reviews from the shops you are considering, it's time to decide on a shop. Prior to getting the repair, make it clear to the auto technicians that you want to know all costs involved. Know what will be done to your car and which parts will be used. It is important to get all agreements in writing. Make sure the body shop is aware of who is covering costs, and make sure you are aware of all that it is involved in your vehicles repair.

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