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Body Shop Service: Vehicle Restoration

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Original Vehicle Restoration

When we carry out "original restoration" on a vehicle, we are attempting to get your entire car in the condition it was in when it was first up for sale. Classic cars and older models are often times difficult to restore to exact original because certain parts that were once used in the car are no longer available. Our goal is to return the car back to the state it was in when it was first purchased. This kind of vehicle restoration requires specific parts and techniques to get the job done, which requires labor and time.

Restoration Isn't Restomod

Restoration is often times confused with the term restomod. Restoration is updating a car with original factory parts that were used the first time it was made, while restomod is updating a car with today's modern, high-performance parts. Adding modern parts to your vehicle is the safer choice, but sometimes customers look for what choices are going to look and feel better. Let us inspect your car and discuss with you if it is better to go do a restoration or a restomod on your vehicle.      

Parts Restoration

We aren't always dealing with older models of vehicles. In a lot of cases, we are dealing with models that are only a few years old and only some specific parts need to be restored. This kind of restoring can include the exterior of the car, the interior of the car, or a combination of both. We are able to restore paint, headlights, breaks, accessories, and much more.


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